We focus on user,
not on technology

Imagine being able to effortlessly apply any dental material with the help of an intelligent, wireless tool that gives you greater precision while streamlining your workflow. Less effort, less strain, freeing you up to perform at your best.

Adeon is an innovative handpiece, designed to dispense the full range of different types of treatment carried out by dental surgeons. Engine powered by a micromotor; this all-in-one single device is able to do the work of 80% of the dental dispensers currently available on the market.

The pen-shaped tool is adapted to all different forms of capsule on the market: anesthetics, disinfectant, resins, cements and silicon to name only few!

A sensor system automatically regulates each application and determines the suitable dose control and optimal process needed to ensure the best quality treatment. Its ability to adapt a host of different tasks and materials is ground-breaking: whether it is dealing with fluids or high viscosity materials.


Apollina has been the patron saint (guardian angel) of dentists. While she has done a good job thus far, we aim to go even better. To embody her spirit and provide dentists with better health and improved efficiency, leading to happier dentists and in turn happier clients.
At Apollina we are dedicated to bringing comfort and well-being to dentists in their daily tasks by developing an easy-to-use and ergonomic tool to simplify every step of dental consultations, from preparation to sterilizing, and to reduce the risk of MSD (md).

The team

Dr Baptiste lagrange, DDS


Baptiste Lagrange is the co-founder and chief executive officer of Apollina.

He received his DDS degree from the Lyon university of Dental Medicine in 2008.

After graduating, he worked several years for dental companies, while in parallel trying to improve different types of dental chemicals.

Six years ago, he started thinking about dental tools and began to search for someone who was a specialist in design and ergonomy and able to understand dentist’s fundamental problems.

Pierre Duthoit


Pierre Duthoit is the co-founder and general manager of Apollina. He is the guy crazy enough to follow Dr Lagrange in the great Apollina’s adventure.

He received his Master of industrial design from the “Institut Supérieur de Design” of Valenciennes, he has been rewarded many times: Janus de l’industrie, CES awards, IDI design & even the famous Red dot design award…

He spent a lot of time learning and understanding the problems Baptiste spoke of. After some time, what they found was that workflow was surprisingly inefficient. This is when they began to devise and develop a practical solution to streamline workflow and cut down unnecessary costs and lost time.



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