APOLLINA is an expert in electronic and intelligent delivery ecosystems. Our customer centric approach focuses on improving ergonomics and workflows of medical offices, all over the world. We have a strategic position in healthcare, mainly on the dental market.

Our mission is to provide innovative solutions, to help major players to keep or improve their technological leading position.

Our first product, ADEON, is an easy-to-use and ergonomic tool to simplify every step of dental consultations, from preparation to sterilizing, and to reduce the risk of musculoskeletal disorder.

Our objective is to improve practitioners’ comfort, by optimizing productivity and allowing more time to provide better patient care.

Apollina – dental design making space for better care.

We focus on user


Our cutting-edge French start-up, founded in 2017, is the brainchild of dental surgeon Dr Baptiste Lagrange and industrial product designer Pierre Duthoit.

The pair joined forces to address what Lagrange identified as a serious issue amongst dentists – discomfort and difficulty managing multiple tools, collectively leading to poor quality treatment.

Expert in workflows and processes improvement, our key advantage is the ability to blend new technologies with dental practice. Leaded by needs and pains of our clients, customer centricity is at the heart of our culture.

Through the years, our team developed a strong network around the globe, with a broad range of partners and suppliers, in Switzerland, France, Sweden and USA.

To strengthen our services, APOLLINA is ISO 13 485 since 2021 and we are compliant with the new MDR regulation.

The result: healthier dentist, a better service, a happier patient.

OUR team

Dr Baptiste lagrange, DDS


Dr Lagrange is a seasoned dental surgeon and a global executive leader (graduated from INSEAD, one of the top business schools in the world).

He worked several years for dental companies as a consultant, sharpening his innovation manager skills. In the meantime, he committed to improve the dental processes, with a focus on ergonomic and workflows.

The conclusion of his researches convinced himself that the dental market needs a new dispensing ecosystem, to enhance dental offices efficiency.

That’s how the idea of ADEON came alive in his mind.

Pierre Duthoit


Pierre Duthoit is co-founder of the company. He was the first to answer Dr Lagrange’s call for the great Apollina’s adventure.

Design pundit, he received his Master of industrial design from the “Institut Supérieur de Design” of Valenciennes and has been rewarded many times: Janus de l’industrie, CES awards, IDI design & even the famous Red dot design award…

Following Dr Lagrange instructions, he designed ADEON and built the network to make this wonderful concept, a reality.



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